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Water buses & sea cruises

Water bus

This form of marine transport is unique to the port town of Yokohama. It provides easy access to major tourist venues in Yokohama while offering an excellent view of popular sites along the bay.

Sea bus (Port Service)
This form of marine transportation connects the east exit of Yokohama Station to Minato Mirai, Pier Aka-renga, and Yamashita Park

Water bus (Keihin Ferry)
Public transportation over water from Zo no hana Pier to Unga Park Pier and the sailing ship Nippon Maru

Sea Cruise

The best way to view Yokohama is from the sea while enjoying a pleasant ocean breeze. Why not experience the diverse charms of Yokohama with romantic night scenery, entertainment and a wealth of gourmet cuisine?

Royal Wing
This is the only restaurant and entertainment ship in Japan. It offers authentic Guangdong cuisine together with live music while providing a glamorous evening view.
boarding point:Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal
Access : 25 minutes walk from hotel

Marine Rouge
This luxurious restaurant ship boasts a team of former hotel chefs who prepare authentic French cuisine. This ship is also referenced by a popular Japanese band, Southern All Stars, in a theme song for a TV drama set in Yokohama.
boarding pointYamashita Park
Access : 23 minutes walk from hotel

Marine Shuttle
This relaxing sightseeing vessel accommodates 350 passengers and features an interior designed to resemble a cafeteria in Southern Europe. Passengers can enjoy views of the Landmark Tower and Yokohama Bay Bridge from Japan’s first sightseeing seats with glass windows on three sides on a stepped floor. On sunny days, Mt. Fuji can also be seen in the distance.
boarding pointYamashita Park
Access : 23 minutes walk from hotel
This cruise offers evening views of a factory (KMC Corporation). During this cruise, you can enjoy night views of the Keihin Industrial Zone, one of Japan’s four major industrial zones, from a canal. A number of plants, tanks and warehouses are beautifully illuminated along the canal.
URL : http://www.yokohamajapan.com/transportation/sightseeing-boat/
boarding point:Pier Aka-renga
Access: 24 minutes from hotel (including 4 minutes by train from Isezakichōjamachi Station to Sakuragichō Station on Yokohama Municipal Subway)

Cruise of the Port of Yokohama (Keihin Ferry)
Enjoy a romantic cruise to Osanbashi Pier, Yamashita Park, Bay Bridge, and Minato Mirai. The entire cruise takes about an hour.
boarding point:Zo no hana Pier
Access : 19 minutes walk from hotel